Ex parte PETTAZZI et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1998-0882                                                        
          Application 08/598,416                                                      

                    The invention relates to a high speed image                       
          processing system.  In particular, a processor processes a                  
          source image in sequential portions or slices.  Source image                
          pixels are fetched from the host memory and stored in pixel                 
          buffers.  Pixels stored in the pixel buffers are resampled and              
          transformed.  The pixel fetching process from the source                    
          memory and the pixel buffer’s resampling operation are                      
          performed simultaneously.  While a new pixel row is fetched                 
          from the source memory, the previous two rows stored in the                 
          pixel buffers are processed.  The transformed pixels are then               
          transferred to a pixel display memory for display.                          
                   Representative independent claim 1 is reproduced as               
                    1.   A single image processor apparatus for                       
          transforming an image comprising:                                           
                    a)   within said single image processor, a first                  
          means for transferring image pixel data from a memory to a                  
          temporary storage a portion of image pixel data at a time;                  
                    b)   said means, within said single image processor,              
          for sampling each temporarily stored portion of said image                  
          pixel data, wherein the first means for transferring includes               
          transferring a portion of image pixel data while the means for              
          sampling is concurrently sampling a previously transferred                  
          portion of image pixel data;                                                


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