Ex parte PETTAZZI et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1998-0882                                                        
          Application 08/598,416                                                      

               person of ordinary skill in the art at the time the                    
               invention was made to configure Matsumoto’s system                     
               as claimed by using only processor 212 to perform                      
               the process. [Answer-page 3.]                                          
                    Appellants argue that several portions of Matsumoto,              
          cited by the Examiner, “fails to disclose even the slightest                
          scintilla” of that which is claimed by Appellants.  Further,                
          Appellants contend, “that absolutely nothing within this cited              
          portion of Matsumoto has anything to do with” what is being                 
                    We agree with Appellants.  Matsumoto, at column 7,                
          lines 32-45 (answer-page 3), deals with Format Translator 216               
          to convert memory addresses for a piece of graphics data from               
          a VGA format to a format accessible to GSP 212.  We fail to                 
          see how this teaches the claimed “a first means for                         
          transferring image pixel data from a memory to a temporary                  
          storage a portion of image pixel data at a time.”  (Emphasis                
                    Similarly, we fail to see how Matsumoto, column 9,                
          lines 29-37 (answer-page 3), teaches the claimed “transferring              
          includes transferring a portion of image pixel data while the               


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