Ex parte TAGUCHI et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1998-0907                                                        
          Application 08/121,365                                                      

          employs a structure for mounting a color selecting electrode                
          within the cathode ray tube.  In particular, looking at Figure              
          3A, color selecting electrode 6 is mounted on a frame 7.                    
          Supporting members 8 and 9 are adapted to engage with pins in               
          the cathode ray tube face plate.  It is noted that supporting               
          members 9 extend away from the frame in a direction                         
          perpendicular to the plane of the face plate.  This is                      
          different from the prior art of Figure 2 wherein all support                
          members 16 extend in a direction parallel to the plane of the               
          face plate.                                                                 
               Independent claim 7 is reproduced as follows:                          
               7.  A cathode ray tube comprising:                                     
               a) a planar face plate panel having a plurality of pins;               
               b) a rectangular frame having four side members;                       
               c) a color selecting electrode mounted on said frame; and              
               d) four supporting members being engaged with said pins,               
          each joining with a central portion of one of said side                     
          members of said frame, at least two opposed ones of said                    
          supporting members extending away from said frame in a                      
          direction perpendicular to the plane of said face plate panel,              
               Wherein the distance between a middle point of a side                  
          member of said frame and a point where said supporting member               
          is joined with said frame is less than one-sixth of such side               


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