Ex parte AVITALL - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1998-1045                                                        
          Application 08/482,674                                                      

          end anchored to the catheter wall at or near the distal tip                 
          area in such a manner that the application of rotational                    
          torque to the lateral deflection control element produces a                 
          corresponding displacement of the distal tip area in a plane                
          substantially parallel to the direction of the applied                      
          rotational torque when the distal tip area is deflected from a              
          linear disposition; and means for applying rotational torque                
          to the lateral deflection control element.                                  
               With reference to Figure 1, Gould discloses a torque                   
          transmitting assembly for guidewires, steerable fixed wire                  
          catheters and the like including an outer tubular member 16, a              
          balloon 17 secured to the distal end thereof, an inner tubular              
          member 18, a core member 21 extending through an inner lumen                
          22 of the inner tubular member, through the interior of                     
          balloon 17 and out the distal end thereof with a flexible coil              
          tip 23 disposed about and secured to the portion of the core                
          member 21 which extends out the distal end of the balloon.                  
          See col. 2, line 67 through col. 3, line 4.  The proximal end               
          30 of core member 21 is fixed to a pinion gear 25 which is                  
          driven by a ring gear 24 formed within a rotatable housing 14.              


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