Ex parte NILSSEN - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1998-1288                                                        
          Application No. 08/502,817                                                  

               Representative claim 1 is reproduced as follows:                       
               1.  An arrangement comprising:                                         
               a source providing an alternating voltage across a                     
          pair      of source terminals; the alternating voltage having               
          a         fundamental frequency distinctly higher than that of              
          the AC    voltage on an ordinary electric utility power line;               
               a series-combination of an inductor and a capacitor;                   
          the       series-combination being: (i) naturally resonant at               
          a         frequency lower than said fundamental frequency,                  
          (ii)           effectively connected across the source                      
          terminals, thereby       to draw a source current from the                  
          source terminals, and    (iii) connected in circuit with a pair             
          of output terminals      across which is provided an                        
          approximately sinusoidal output    voltage; the inductor being              
          coupled with an auxiliary          winding, thereby to cause an             
          auxiliary voltage to be            provided from this auxiliary             
          winding; the coupling between      the inductor and the                     
          auxiliary winding being sufficiently    loose so that, in case              
          an electrical short circuit were to     be placed across the                
          auxiliary winding, the magnitude of the      source current                 
          would be prevented from increasing to a      detrimentally high             
          level; and                                                                  
               a gas discharge lamp means having a first thermionic                   
               cathode with a pair of cathode terminals connected with                
          the       auxiliary winding by way of a connect means; the                  
          lamp means     also having a second thermionic cathode; the                 
          approximately       sinusoidal output voltage being applied                 
          between the first and the second thermionic cathodes.                       
               The examiner relies on the following references:                       
          Warren                       2,333,499           Nov. 02, 1943              
          Cates et al. (Cates)         2,339,051           Jan. 11, 1944              
          Cox                          3,691,450           Sep. 12, 1972              
          Zansky                       4,370,600           Jan. 25, 1983              


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