Ex parte DEGUCHI - Page 8

          Appeal No. 1998-1320                                                        
          Application No. 08/305,643                                                  

          admitted prior art at page 1 of Appellant’s specification.                  
          This admitted prior art, illustrated in Appellant’s Figure 1,               
          describes plural segmented digit displays for representing                  
          alphanumeric characters and further includes indicator display              
          components for displaying the status of various system                      
          operational parameters, but lacks a teaching of utilizing                   
          predetermined ones of the alphanumeric display segments for                 
          representing the system operational parameters.  To address                 
          this deficiency, the Examiner turns to Null which discloses                 
          plural segmented digital displays for a radio in which                      
          predetermined ones of the segments that make up each display                
          are utilized to represent other operational parameters of the               
          system as illustrated in Figures 5A-5D of Null.  In the                     
          Examiner’s view (Answer, page 4), the skilled artisan would                 
          have found it obvious to incorporate Null’s feature of                      
          utilizing various segments of a segmented numeric display for               
          representing other system parameters in the system of the                   
          admitted prior art in order to eliminate the need for separate              
          operational status indicators.                                              
               The Examiner further adds the Digi-Key reference to the                
          combination of the admitted prior art and Null as providing a               

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Last modified: November 3, 2007