Ex parte PARK - Page 3

               Appeal No. 1998-1469                                                                                                
               Application No. 08/351,045                                                                                          

                              first and second buffer means commonly connected to said data strobe means                           
                       for receiving said reproduction signal from said data strobe means during both a                            
                       recording mode and a reproduction mode of said device, said first and second buffer                         
                       means alternately enabling transmission of said reproduction signal based on operating                      
                       modes of said device comprised of said recording mode and said reproduction mode,                           
                       said first buffer means enabling transmission of said reproduction signal during said                       
                       recording mode, said second buffer means enabling transmission of said reproduction                         
                       signal to said external system as said second data during said reproduction mode; and                       

                              comparing unit means connected to said first buffer means, for comparing said                        
                       reproduction signal received from said first buffer means with said converted data                          
                       stored in said second memory means during said recording mode of said device to                             
                       detect data errors recorded on the magnetic tape;                                                           

                              said controller means correcting said data errors by sequentially enabling:                          

                                      transmission of said first data from said first memory means to said                         
                              digital signal processing means for conversion of said first data into said                          
                              converted data conforming to said digital audio tape recorder format,                                

                                      transmission of said converted data to said recording amplifier means                        
                              for generation of said amplified data, and                                                           

                                      transmission of said amplified data to said rotational head for                              
                              re-recording of said amplified data onto the magnetic tape.                                          

                       The prior art references of record relied upon by the examiner in rejecting the appealed                    

               claims are:                                                                                                         

                       Taylor                                3,863,228              Jan.  28, 1975                                 
                       Yokogawa et al. (Yokogawa) 4,860,271                  Aug. 22, 1989                                         
                       Ichijo et al. (Ichijo)                5,267,100              Nov. 30, 1993                                  


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