Ex parte GILLIG et al. - Page 15

          Appeal No. 1998-1491                                      Page 15           
          Application No. 08/654,502                                                  

          examiner impermissibly relies on the appellants’ teachings or               
          suggestions.  He fails to establish a prima facie case of                   
          obviousness.  Therefore, we reverse the rejection of claims                 
          30-57 over Kinoshita in view of Martiny.  We next address the               
          rejections over Kinoshita in view of Bhagat, Kinoshita in view              
          of Sasaki, or Kinoshita in view of Nonami.                                  

           Rejections over Kinoshita in view of Bhagat, Sasaki, or Nonami             
               Although Bhagat, Sasaki, or Nonami each teach separate                 
          communication circuits contained in separate housings, the                  
          examiner fails to identify a sufficient suggestion to combine               
          any of the secondary references with Kinoshita.                             

               Here, the teachings of Kinoshita reveal that the                       
          circuitry of its portable telephone set operates as an                      
          integral unit to transmit and receive data in a private radio               
          telephone system and in a public cellular radio telephone                   
          system.  Col. 5, l. 48 - col. 6, l. 16.  As explained in                    
          addressing the rejections relying on Dinkins as the primary                 
          reference, the examiner's conclusion that “it would have been               
          obvious ... to incorporate ... the communication circuit                    

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