Ex parte CAMERON et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1998-1970                                                        
          Application No. 08/587,134                                                  

               We turn first to the examiner's rejection of independent               
          claim 13 on appeal.  The examiner sets forth that Tarnawski                 
                    discloses a toilet system comprising: a bowl                      
                    9; a tank 20 including an inlet 21; a pump                        
                    including a body 25, an inlet 27 having a                         
                    valve 28, an outlet 39, a piston 32, and an                       
                    opening 37; and means forming a conduit                           
                    42, as claimed.  The recited "clearance"                          
                    is considered inherent in the Tarnawski                           
                    pump body and piston.  See lines 18-22                            
                    on page 2 of Tarnawski. (answer, pg 4.)                           
               Appellants dispute the examiner's conclusion that                      
          Tarnawski inherently discloses a clearance between the pump                 
          body and the piston.  Appellants argue that Tarnawski is "more              
          likely to be supportive of an argument that the piston is                   
          tightly mounted in the cylinder than it supports an argument                
          that the piston is in a clearance relation with the                         
          cylinder.".  (Brief, pg 5.)  Appellants rely on the disclosure              
          of Tarnawski at page 2, lines 18-22 to demonstrate that                     
          Tarnawski did not intend for water to flow past the piston and              
          therefore the pump body and piston arrangement of Tarnawski is              
          presumed to be in a non-clearance relation.  Appellants                     
          further argue that Tarnawski states that during depression of               
          the plunger, the charge of water in the pump "is forcibly                   
          injected into the bowl" and that the term <forcibly’ is                     

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