Ex parte RASMUSSEN - Page 5

                   Appeal No. 1998-2240                                                                                             Page 5                          
                   Application No. 08/443,058                                                                                                                       

                   especially when considered in the light of the explanation of                                                                                    
                   the invention provided in the specification, very clearly                                                                                        
                   describes the globe and its relationship to the other                                                                                            
                   components of the claimed invention.                                                                                                             
                            With regard to the requirement that the flexible sheet be                                                                               
                   “readily” removable, we first note that the common definition                                                                                    
                   of “readily” is “without much difficulty; easily.”   Looking                                    2                                                
                   to the specification, we find that the cover is described as                                                                                     
                   “holding” the sheet in place on the globe or, when a cover is                                                                                    
                   not used, the sheet is held in place by electrostatic forces                                                                                     
                   or through the use of “tacky, but readily removable,                                                                                             
                   adhesives” (page 5).  In our opinion, one of ordinary skill in                                                                                   
                   the art clearly would have understood that “readily removable”                                                                                   
                   means easy to remove, such as by using no attachment means at                                                                                    
                   all (when a cover is used), or other means that are easily                                                                                       
                   overcome by the user (when the cover is not used).  Thus, we                                                                                     
                   find this phrase to be in conformance with the second                                                                                            
                   paragraph of Section 112.                                                                                                                        
                            This rejection is not sustained.                                                                                                        

                            2See, for example, Merriam Webster’s Collegiate                                                                                         
                   Dictionary, Tenth Edition, 1996, page 972.                                                                                                       

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Last modified: November 3, 2007