Ex parte RASMUSSEN - Page 8

                   Appeal No. 1998-2240                                                                                             Page 8                          
                   Application No. 08/443,058                                                                                                                       

                   usage on the part of young users” (column 1, lines 30-33).  In                                                                                   
                   furtherance of this aim, Wigal utilizes hard setting adhesives                                                                                   
                   such as epoxy resin to attach together the sections of the                                                                                       
                   globe (column 3, lines 10-14), and teaches that the covering                                                                                     
                   sheet is provided with “a pressure sensitive adhesive coating”                                                                                   
                   (column 3, line 28) and is “secured”  to the globe (column 4,        3                                                                           
                   lines 21, 22-32 and 49).  Nowhere does Wigal explicitly teach                                                                                    
                   that the sheet can be removed from the globe, nor in our                                                                                         
                   opinion is this implicit in the disclosure.  In this regard,                                                                                     
                   Wigal does not recognize the problem to which the appellant                                                                                      
                   has directed his inventive energies, namely, providing a                                                                                         
                   system wherein the covering sheet can easily be removed and                                                                                      
                   exchanged for another.  In sum, there would seem to be no                                                                                        
                   reason for Wigal’s covering sheet to be removable.                                                                                               
                            Neither the examiner’s presentation of the rejection nor                                                                                
                   our own analysis of the reference lead us to the conclusion                                                                                      
                   that one of ordinary skill in the art would have been taught                                                                                     
                   by Wigal that the covering sheet disclosed therein is “readily                                                                                   

                            3The common definition of “to secure” is “to make fast.”                                                                                
                   Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition, 1996,                                                                                    
                   page 972.                                                                                                                                        

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