Ex parte O'GROSKE et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1998-2368                                       Page 3           
          Application No. 08/443,217                                                  

                         a plurality of insulated conductors;                         
                         a flexible seamless covering surrounding                     
               the plurality of insulated conductors, said flexible                   
               seamless covering including an insulating layer and                    
               a conductive layer surrounding said insulating layer                   
               that forms a seamless electromagnetic shield, the                      
               conductive layer being bonded to the insulating                        
               layer and having a thickness substantially less than                   
               the thickness of the insulating layer, wherein the                     
               conductive layer is formed of a composition of                         
               silver and silicone; and                                               
                         an outermost jacket surrounding said                         
               conductive layer, wherein said conductive layer has                    
               an exterior surface and said outermost jacket has an                   
               interior surface, said interior surface of said                        
               outermost jacket being in contact with said exterior                   
               surface of said conductive layer.                                      

               The references relied on in rejecting the claims follow:               

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               Schafer                       4,161,704           July 17,             
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