Ex parte DAWLEY et al. - Page 9

          Appeal No. 1999-0231                                                        
          Application No. 08/472,354                                                  

          a tube 10                                                                   

          having a larger external diameter than the internal diameter                
          of the sleeve.  The tube 17 has a passageway 16 and a series                
          of spaced apart circumferential grooves 10b on its outer                    
          surface.  The passageway 16 and each of grooves 10b is                      
          connected to the inside of the tube 10 which, in turn, may be               
          connected to a source of compressed air.  Fellows teaches that              
          the printing roll is assembled by sliding the sleeve axially                
          over the seal 13 to the conical part 10a of the tube, at which              
          point the space 13a between seal 13, the end of the sleeve 17               
          and the end of the tube 10 becomes pressurized.  As the sleeve              
          passes over the tube, the interior of the sleeve is internally              
          pressurized by compressed air distributed from inside the tube              
          through the holes 10c and circumferentially through the                     
          grooves 10b to expand the sleeve.                                           
          See col. 3, ll. 21-39.  Once the sleeve is fully fitted on the              
          tube, the compressed air supply is removed and air inside the               
          tube escapes through passageway 16.  Id. at 40-50.                          
               Fellows also discloses a second embodiment (see Fig. 4)                
          in which the internal diameter of the sleeve 17 is larger than              

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