Ex parte DAWLEY et al. - Page 13

          Appeal No. 1999-0231                                                        
          Application No. 08/472,354                                                  

          plate vacuum hold down system including a cylinder having                   
          either circumferential grooves 11 (Fig. 1) or axial grooves 22              
          (Fig. 2), we know of no reason why one of ordinary skill in                 
          the art would have been motivated to substitute the axially                 
          extending grooves disclosed in Arkell, which are connected to               
          a vacuum within the mounting cylinder to maintain a printing                
          plate in position during operation of the printing press, for               
          the circumferential grooves                                                 
          10b disclosed in Figure 1 of Fellows, which are connected to                
          pressurized air inside the printing cylinder to expand a                    
          printing sleeve during mounting of the sleeve on the cylinder.              
          Along this same line, it is not absolutely clear to us that                 
          the axially extending grooves 22 in Arkell, which are                       
          interconnected by a single circumferential groove 24 to the                 
          interior of the cylinder, would successfully perform the                    
          function of the circumferential grooves 10b in the embodiment               
          shown in Figure 1 of Fellows.                                               

               In our view, the only suggestion for combining the                     


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