Ex parte BOULANGER - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1999-0441                                                        
          Application No. 08/676,454                                                  

          maintained in position by bonds at ends 6 and gluing points 8               
          (see Figure 4).  Pigneul explains that “[t]he two large flaps               
          [4] at each side of the center region remain free in order to               
          be folded and glued underneath the pad or the supporting panty              
          [10] during use, but one or several gluing or sealing points                
          [8] arranged on each side of the pad will constitute a stop                 
          and thus ensure protection on the side of the cushion when the              
          flaps are folded” (translation, paragraph bridging pages 1 and              
          2).  Thus, it reasonably appears that, like appellant, an                   
          objective of Pigneul is to provide pockets that open to the                 
          main body portion of the product where the flaps 4 overlie the              
          absorbent core to prevent side leakage.  In this regard, see                
          also page 3, lines 14-16, of the translation.                               
               Independent claim 1 calls for, in part, the cover layer 5              
          and barrier layer 10 to be folded over and bonded to the cover              
          layer “along each respective longitudinal edge of said main                 
          body with the exception of at least a portion of a line of                  
          intersection between each tab [3] and said main body [2]                    
          remains unbonded to form a pocket adjacent to each tab which                
          is capable of collecting body exudate that may flow in a                    
          lateral direction . . . .”  Independent claims 10 and 18                    


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Last modified: November 3, 2007