Ex parte BOULANGER - Page 7

          Appeal No. 1999-0441                                                        
          Application No. 08/676,454                                                  

               edge of the main body.  A bond which extends over                      
               the length of a longitudinal edge is clearly                           
               distinct from a single bond point as taught in the                     
               cited reference.                                                       
               In keeping with the above argument, appellant directs us               
          to certain portions of the specification for guidance in                    
          understanding the meaning of the claim language in question.                
          Specifically, appellant states:                                             
                    The cited portion of the Specification [i.e.,                     
               page 8, lines 11-17] states that “the longitudinal                     
               peripheral edge portions of the main body are then                     
               folded over the cover layer side along the                             
               longitudinal edges of the napkin, and bonded to the                    
               cover layer 5 with either discrete or continuous                       
               elongated thermal bonds 18 which run from points                       
               near the end corners of the body 2 to points where                     
               the tabs 3 begin as illustrated.”  It is                               
               respectfully submitted that a “discrete or                             
               continuous elongated thermal bond” as defined above                    
               is consistent with “both layers being bonded to said                   
               cover layer along each respective longitudinal edge                    
               of said main body with the exception of at least a                     
               portion of a line of intersection between each tab                     
               and said main body remains unbonded to form a pocket                   
               adjacent to each tab” as required by the claims.                       
               [Reply Brief, paragraph bridging pages 3 and 4.]                       

               In proceedings before it, the PTO applies to verbiage of               
          claims the broadest reasonable meaning of the words in their                
          ordinary usage as they would be understood by one of ordinary               
          skill in the art, taking into account whatever enlightenment                
          by way of definitions or otherwise that may be afforded by the              

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