Ex parte BOICHOT et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1999-1054                                       Page 3           
          Application No. 08/889,594                                                  

               Rather than attempt to reiterate the examiner’s full                   
          commentary with regard to the above-noted rejection and the                 
          conflicting viewpoints advanced by the examiner and the                     
          appellants regarding the rejection, we make reference to the                
          Examiner’s Answer (Paper No. 10) and the Appellants’ Brief                  
          (Paper No. 8).                                                              
               The appellants’ invention relates to controlling hydraulic             
          dampers such as the shock absorbers used on vehicles.  These                
          damper systems typically comprise a piston slidable in a                    
          cylinder and defining within the cylinder first and second                  
          chambers in which there is damping fluid.  Flow actuating means             
          operated by a control circuit are provided for controlling the              
          replenishment and evacuation of the damping fluid from the                  
          chambers.  According to independent claim 1, the appellants’                
          improvement comprises a direct control loop in the control                  
          circuit that in turn comprises an inverse model of the damper,              
          “means for supplying a generated reference force signal” to the             
          inverse model, and a speed feedback loop for supplying a signal             
          of measured relative speed to the inverse model, wherein means              
          responsive to the generated reference force signal and the                  

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Last modified: November 3, 2007