Ex parte IVE - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1999-1491                                                        
          Application No. 08/386,670                                                  


               Appellant's invention relates to a cushion (10) for                    
          supporting an infant (12) on a support surface (16) while                   
          changing the infant's diaper with the objective of ensuring                 
          the safety and security of the child.  To this end, appellant               
          has invented a cushion which includes a foam padding                        
          arrangement (18) and a casing (24).  The upper supporting                   
          surface of the padding is V-shaped in cross-section so as to                
          form a trough or channel in which the infant is supported                   
          without the fear of the child rolling off the pad.   The                    
          casing (24) includes a top panel (40) and first and second                  
          bottom panels (42, 44).  Side and end casing panels (46, 48)                
          join the top panel (40) to the bottom panels (42, 44) with the              
          end panels (48) forming pockets (50, 52) in order to allow                  
          first and second pad sections (20, 22) of the padding                       
          arrangement to be easily removed from the casing (24) when the              
          casing becomes soiled.  The first and second pad sections are               
          divided into a pair of foam pieces in order to permit folding               
          to take place around a transverse line "T", thus lending a                  
          portability feature to the invention.  The infant is secured                

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Last modified: November 3, 2007