Ex parte IVE - Page 4

          Appeal No. 1999-1491                                                        
          Application No. 08/386,670                                                  

          the pad by an adjustable elasticized strap (66).  The cushion               
          itself is secured to the support surface by an anchoring                    
          structure (80) which inhibits sliding of the pad along the                  
          support surface.  A copy of representative claim 1 appears                  

               1.  A cushion adapted to support an infant on a support                
          surface of a support structure, comprising:                                 
               (a) a pad having a lower surface, an upper surface and a               
          pair of longitudinally extending side surfaces joining the                  
          lower surface and the upper surface, the upper surface being                
          formed in a trough-shaped configuration to define a channel                 
          whereby the infant may be supported therein;                                
               (b) a casing sized and adapted to receive said pad in an               
          interior thereof, said casing including a bottom panel                      
          extending along the lower surface of said pad, a top panel                  
          extending along the upper surface of said pad and a pair of                 
          side panels each extending along a respective side surface of               
          said pad; and                                                               
               (c) a restraining strap connected to said casing and                   
          positioned to be extended transversely across the channel                   
          thereby to releasably secure the infant therein.                            

               The prior art references relied upon by the examiner in                
          rejecting the appealed claims are:                                          
          Kelly                    2,598,999                June  3, 1952             
          Solin                    3,319,273                May  16, 1967             
          Burpo                    3,811,140                May  21, 1974             
          Mueller et al. (Mueller)      3,871,637                Mar. 18,             

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