Ex parte ISHIUCHI et al. - Page 4

               Appeal No. 1999-1818                                                                       Page 4                 
               Application No. 08/586,806                                                                                        

                      supplying an electric current between said rod body and said steel ball to perform an                      
               electric resistance welding of said rod body and said steel ball to each other;                                   
                      wherein a pipe material formed of an aluminum-magnesium-silicon based alloy is used                        
               as said rod body, a welding current I is set in a range of 18,000 # I # 21,000 amperes, a                         
               pressing force P is set in a range of 350 kilogram-force # P # 400 kilogram force and a                           
               current supplying time t is set in a range of t < 2 cycle; and                                                    
                      bonding said rod body and said steel ball together by utilizing biting-in portions of the                  
               rod body into the steel ball and an aluminum layer formed on a surface of the steel ball by a                     
               liquid phase generated from the rod body during the welding.                                                      
                      Macura discloses a push rod employed to transmit mechanical force from the tappets to                      
               the rocker arms in an internal combustion engine (column 1, lines 15-18) comprising a Bundy                       
               tubing (copper plated steel strip rolled into a tube) body 10 having a steel bearing ball 11                      
               securely and rapidly welded at each end by resistance welding.  The welding is performed by                       
               forcing the bearing ball against the body 10 with a pressure of 450 pounds, applying a current                    
               of 12,000 amperes for 6 cycles  and maintaining the pressure for one second thereafter to3                                                                                 

               insure "quick cooling" which preserves the original hardness of the ball in the areas remote                      
               from the weld (column 1, line 43, to column 2, line 6).  The Macura push rod is intended to                       
               reduce the weight of the valve train without any substantial increase in cost or sacrifice of                     
               operating characteristics (column 1, lines 22-27).                                                                

                      3Macura does not specify the frequency or the duration of a cycle.                                         

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