HUNTER et al. V. Ferre et al. - Page 1

   Paper 53                                                          
            Telephone: 571-272-9797 Filed April 30, 2007                                                 
                       UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE                                         
                             BEFORE THE BOARD OF PATENT APPEALS                                          
                                       AND INTERFERENCES                                                 
                              MARK W. HUNTER and PAUL KESSMAN                                            
                                              Junior Party                                               
                                           (Patent 6,381,485),                                           
                             MAURICE R. FERRE, PETER D. JAKAB, and                                       
                                          JAMES S. TIEMAN                                                
                                              Senior Party                                               
                                       (Application 10/427,472).                                         

                                     Patent Interference No. 105,415                                     

            Before: LEE, MEDLEY and MOORE, Administrative Patent Judges.                                 
            MEDLEY, Administrative Patent Judge.                                                         
                                       Judgment - Bd.R. 127(b)                                           
        1         Based on the decision on preliminary motions (Paper 52), Ferre lacks                   
        2   standing to proceed in the interference.                                                     
        3         Accordingly, it is                                                                     
        4         ORDERED that judgment on priority as to Count 1 (Paper 1 at 4) in the                  
        5   interference is awarded against senior party MAURICE R. FERRE, PETER D.                      
        6   JAKAB, and JAMES S. TIEMAN.                                                                  

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