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                                                                                                Paper 26                
              Mail Stop Interference                                                                                    
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                          UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE                                                     
                                BEFORE THE BOARD OF PATENT APPEALS                                                      
                                             AND INTERFERENCES                                                          
                                            MARK HENRY PAUSCH,                                                          
                             BRADLEY A. OZENBERGER, JOHN R. HADCOCK,                                                    
                              LAURA ALICIA PRICE, EILEEN M. KAJKOWSKI,                                                  
                            DONALD R. KIRSCH, AND DEBORAH T. CHALEFF,                                                   
                                                     Junior Party                                                       
                                                 (Patent 5,691,188),                                                    
                                              DANA M.  FOWLKES,                                                         
                           JIM BROACH, JOHN MANFREDI, CHRISTINE KLEIN,                                                  
                                ANDREW J.  MURPHY, JEREMY PAUL, AND                                                     
                                              JOSHUA TRUEHEART                                                          
                                                     Senior Party                                                       
                                             (Application 09/286,166).                                                  

                                          Patent Interference No. 105,462                                               
                                             (Technology Center 1600)                                                   

              Before RICHARD E. SCHAFER, SALLY GARDNER LANE, and SALLY C.                                               
              MEDLEY, Administrative Patent Judges.                                                                     
              LANE, Administrative Patent Judge.                                                                        

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