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                  Appeal   2006-2937                                                                                           
                  Application   09/840,188                                                                                     
                  23, 1998, now US Patent 6,321,201 which is a  371 filing of                                                 
                  PCT/SE97/01089 06/18/1997                                                                                    

                  We AFFIRM.                                                                                                   


                       Appellant's invention relates to a data security system for a database.  An                             
                  understanding of the invention can be derived from a reading of exemplary                                    
                  claims 18 and 41, which are reproduced below.                                                                
                              18. A data processing method comprising:                                                         
                              maintaining a database containing a table of data in row                                         
                          and column format, at least a portion of the data being                                              
                              maintaining, separate from the table of data,                                                    
                          information for controlling access to a specified proper subset                                      
                          of data in the table; and                                                                            
                              controlling access to the specified proper subset of data                                        
                          in the table according to the separately maintained information.                                     

                              41. A method comprising:                                                                         
                              providing a database containing a table having at least two                                      
                          columns of data;                                                                                     
                              encrypting data in a first column using first cryptographic                                      
                              encrypting data in a second column using second                                                  
                          cryptographic information;                                                                           
                              storing first and second cryptographic information outside                                       
                          of the table;                                                                                        


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