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                  Appeal 2006-3308                                                                                             
                  Application 10/726,181                                                                                       

                  2) Brusethaug states that a goal is “to eliminate the fir-tree structure,                                    
                      or at least to keep the zone width consistently smaller than the scalping                                
                      depth.”  (p. 472, col. 2, first para.).                                                                  
                  3) According to Brusethaug, “[s]ince the nucleation and growth of Al                                         
                      Fe require high cooling rates formation of the fir-tree structure will be                                
                      promoted by a high casting speed.” (p. 473, col. 1, first para.).                                        
                  4) Brusethaug notes that “wide fir-tree zones also appear at low                                             
                      casting speeds suggesting that other factors in addition to casting speed                                
                      and Fe and Si content influence the formation of fir-tree-zones.” (p. 473,                               
                      col. 1, second para.).                                                                                   
                  5) Brusethaug reports that in a comparison of two sheet ingots                                               
                      containing 0.26% Fe and 0.13% Si, cast at a speed of 90 mm/min, “fir-                                    
                      tree zone was only observed in the ingot with a grain refiner addition.”                                 
                      (p. 473, col. 2, first para.).                                                                           
                  6) Brusethaug discloses that “[c]asting speed and Fe/Si ratio are                                            
                      clearly dominating parameters regarding the fir-tree zone formation.”                                    
                      (p. 473, col. 2, second para.).                                                                          
                  7) Brusethaug also reports that the testing results “suggests that both                                      
                      grain refiner addition and the B/Ti ratio influences the fir-tree zone                                   
                      formation.”  (p. 474, col. 1, second para.).                                                             
                  8) Sawada discloses a method for producing an Al-Fe-Si alloy                                                 
                      planographic printing plate.  (Abstract).                                                                
                  9) A DC method may be used to produce an aluminum cast ingot                                                 
                      (col. 5, ll. 6-8)  which is subsequently subjected to rolling and graining                               
                      (see, e.g., col. 3, l. 42-col. 4, l. 12).                                                                


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