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                        UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE                                            
                             BEFORE THE BOARD OF PATENT APPEALS                                              
                                         AND INTERFERENCES                                                   
                                     Ex parte DEBENDRA DAS SHARMA                                            
                                          Application 10/011,857                                             
                                          Appeal No. 2007-1805                                               
                            ORDER REMANDING APPEAL TO EXAMINER                                               

                   This application was electronically received at the Board of Patent Appeals               
            and Interferences on January 17, 2007.  A docketing notice was mailed and Appeal                 
            No. 2007-11805 was assigned on April 2, 2007.  A review of the application has                   
            revealed that the application was not ready for an appeal.  Accordingly, the                     
            application is herewith being remanded to the Examiner.  The matter requiring                    
            attention is identified below.                                                                   
                   The statement of the grounds of rejection in the Examiner’s Answer mailed                 
            March 24, 2006 is improper.  In accordance with the Manuel of Patent Examining                   
            Procedures (MPEP)  1207.02 “[f]or each ground of rejection maintained by the                    
            examiner and each new ground of rejection (if any), an explanation of the ground                 
            of rejection.”  An explanation of the ground of rejection has not been set forth in              
            the Examiner’s Answer mailed April 24, 2007.  Appropriate correction is                          

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Last modified: September 9, 2013