California Penal Code Section 12022.9

CA Penal Code § 12022.9 (2017)  

Any person who, during the commission of a felony or attempted felony, knows or reasonably should know that the victim is pregnant, and who, with intent to inflict injury, and without the consent of the woman, personally inflicts injury upon a pregnant woman that results in the termination of the pregnancy shall be punished by an additional and consecutive term of imprisonment in the state prison for five years. The additional term provided in this subdivision shall not be imposed unless the fact of that injury is charged in the accusatory pleading and admitted or found to be true by the trier of fact.

Nothing in this section shall be construed as affecting the applicability of subdivision (a) of Section 187.

(Amended (as amended by Stats. 2011, Ch. 15, Sec. 510) by Stats. 2011, Ch. 39, Sec. 62. (AB 117) Effective June 30, 2011. Amending action (succeeding the addition by Stats. 2010, Ch. 711) operative October 1, 2011, pursuant to Secs. 68 and 69 of Ch. 39. Section operative January 1, 2012, pursuant to Stats. 2010, Ch. 711, Sec. 10.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018