California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 23305.2

CA Rev & Tax Code § 23305.2 (2017)  

Notwithstanding Sections 23305 and 23305.1 that require a taxpayer to pay any liability to the Franchise Tax Board as a condition to revivor or relief from voidability, the Franchise Tax Board shall issue a certificate of revivor under Section 23305, or of relief from voidability under Section 23305.1, if the taxpayer provides the Franchise Tax Board with an assumption of liability, or a bond, deposit, or other security for taxpayer’s liability, that is acceptable to the Franchise Tax Board. The Franchise Tax Board shall notify the person filing the application for revivor or relief from voidability of the amount of the bond, deposit, or other security, or of the terms of an assumption of liability, that must be furnished as a condition of the revivor or the relief from voidability. Obtaining revivor or voidability relief by securing the debt pursuant to this section shall not constitute an admission of liability by the taxpayer, nor relieve the taxpayer or any individual or corporation from liability for any taxes, additions to tax, penalties, or interest imposed by this part. A taxpayer that provides an assumption of liability or a bond, deposit, or other security to obtain revivor or relief from voidability may, notwithstanding Section 23305 or 23305.1, file any returns required under those sections within a reasonable time after relief is granted by the Franchise Tax Board.

(Amended by Stats. 1997, Ch. 605, Sec. 68. Effective January 1, 1998.)

Last modified: October 25, 2018