Florida Statutes Section 11.111 - Continuance Of Certain Causes For Term Of Legislature And Period Of Time Prior And Subsequent Thereto And Committee Workdays. (Fla. Stat. § 11.111)

11.111 Continuance of certain causes for term of Legislature and period of time prior and subsequent thereto and committee workdays.—Any proceeding before any court, municipality, or agency of government of this state shall stand continued, without the continuance being charged against any party, during any session of the Legislature and for a period of time 15 days prior to any session of the Legislature and 15 days subsequent to the conclusion of any session of the Legislature, and during any period of required committee work and for a period of time 1 day prior and 1 day subsequent thereto, when either attorney representing the litigants is a legislator or when a member of the Legislature is a party or witness or is scheduled to appear before any municipal government, administrative board, or agency, when notice to that effect is given to the convening authority by such member. The time period for determining the right to a speedy trial shall be tolled during the period of the continuance, but the providing of such a continuance shall not act as a waiver to the right to a speedy trial. The immunity herein granted shall, upon the filing of a notice by the witness, extend to any member not an attorney who is engaged in any proceeding before any court or any state, county, or municipal agency or board in a representative capacity for any individual or group or as a witness in any proceeding. After said notice has been filed by a member of the Legislature called as a witness, the proceeding may proceed notwithstanding such notice if the party calling such member as a witness shall agree.

History.—s. 1, ch. 15995, 1933; CGL 1936 Supp. 4356(1); s. 1, ch. 61-176; s. 1, ch. 67-2(X); s. 1, ch. 70-28; s. 1, ch. 77-119; s. 9, ch. 96-318.

Note.—Former s. 54.08.

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Last modified: September 23, 2016