Florida Statutes Section 56.15 - Executions; Stay Of Illegal Writs. (Fla. Stat. § 56.15)

56.15 Executions; stay of illegal writs.—If any execution issues illegally, the defendant in execution may obtain a stay by making and delivering an affidavit to the officer having the execution, stating the illegality and whether any part of the execution is due, with a bond with surety payable to plaintiff in double the amount of the execution or the part of which a stay is sought conditioned to pay the execution or part claimed to be illegal and any damages for delay if the affidavit is not well founded. On receipt of such affidavit and bond the officer shall stay proceedings on the execution and return the bond and affidavit to the court from which the execution issued. The court shall pass on the question of illegality as soon as possible. If the execution is adjudged illegal in any part, the court shall stay it as to the part but if it is adjudged legal in whole or in part, the court shall enter judgment against the principal and surety on such bond for the amount of so much of the execution as is adjudged to be legal and execution shall issue thereon.

History.—ss. 2, 3, Feb. 15, 1834; RS 1195; GS 1624; RGS 2828; CGL 4515; s. 11, ch. 67-254.

Note.—Former s. 55.37.

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Last modified: September 23, 2016