Florida Statutes Section 186.006 - Powers And Responsibilities Of Executive Office Of The Governor. (Fla. Stat. § 186.006)

186.006 Powers and responsibilities of Executive Office of the Governor.—For the purpose of establishing consistency and uniformity in the state and regional planning process and in order to ensure that the intent of ss. 186.001-186.031 and 186.801-186.901 is accomplished, the Executive Office of the Governor shall:

(1) Identify and monitor on a continuing basis statewide conditions and trends which impact the state.

(2) Prepare, and update or revise regularly, the state comprehensive plan.

(3) Designate the geographic boundaries of comprehensive planning districts.

(4) Designate, and prepare or direct to be prepared, specific data, assumptions, forecasts, and projections for use by each state or regional agency in the preparation of plans.

(5) Coordinate planning among federal, state, regional, and local levels of government and between this state and other states.

(6) Prepare or direct appropriate state or regional agencies to prepare such studies, reports, data collections, or analyses as are necessary or useful in the preparation or revision of the state comprehensive plan, state agency functional plans, or strategic regional policy plans.

(7) Act as the state clearinghouse and designate the regional planning councils as the regional data clearinghouses.

(8) Direct state agencies and regional agencies to prepare and implement, consistent with their authority and responsibilities under law, such plans as are necessary to further the purposes and intent of the state comprehensive plan.

(9) Provide such data and information to public and private agencies and to the public as it may have available.

(10) Using federal, state, local, or private funds, contract with public agencies or private firms or consultants for specialized services or research facilities, whenever such services or facilities are not otherwise available to it.

(11) Perform such other functions as are necessary to carry out the intent of ss. 186.001-186.031 and 186.801-186.901.

History.—s. 4, ch. 84-257; s. 7, ch. 85-57; s. 1, ch. 95-149; s. 70, ch. 99-2.

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