Hawaii Revised Statutes 325-5 Antitoxins, Antiserums, Vaccines, Biologics, and Drugs.

§325-5 Antitoxins, antiserums, vaccines, biologics, and drugs. The department of health shall purchase from time to time out of moneys which may be available to it therefor, and keep on hand and available for administration under this section in the several counties to persons unable to pay for them, antitoxins, antiserums, vaccines, and other biologics and drugs of types and in a supply sufficient for the public health, welfare, and safety.

The antitoxins, antiserums, vaccines, biologics, and drugs shall by any physician of the department or of any such county be administered free of charge to any person who is in need of them and is unable to pay for them or shall be furnished free of charge to the attending physician of the person for use in the treatment of the person; provided that the person so benefited, or the person's estate, or personal representatives, if subsequently able to do so, may be required by the department to pay for any such antitoxin, antiserum, vaccine, biologic, or drug furnished free of charge to or for the person under this chapter. [L 1931, c 197, §1; RL 1945, §2305; am L 1945, c 191, §1; RL 1955, §49-5; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §19; HRS §325-5; gen ch 1985]

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Last modified: October 27, 2016