Hawaii Revised Statutes 387. Wage and Hour Law

Law Journals and Reviews

Employee Rights Under Judicial Scrutiny: Prevalent Policy Discourse and the Hawai i Supreme Court. 14 UH L. Rev. 189 (1992).

Case Notes

Chapters 387 and 388 serve to prevent employer from withholding sums or benefits to which employee has rights by virtue of contract with employer, not a predecessor. 661 F.2d 776 (1981).

Regardless of whether this chapter can form the basis of a Parnar action, Hawaii law indicated that appellants (ramp supervisor and ramp agent who contended that they were terminated by airline in connection with ramp supervisor's wage and hour complaint, in violation of public policy) had not produced sufficient evidence to survive summary judgment on such a claim, even if it did exist. 281 F.3d 1054 (2002).

Last modified: October 27, 2016