Hawaii Revised Statutes 453. Medicine and Surgery



Part III. expedited partner therapy

  • 453-51 Definitions.
    As used in this part: "Expedited partner therapy" means the indirect treatment of partners of a patient who has been diagnosed as having a...
  • 453-52 Expedited Partner Therapy.
    (a) A health professional may, in addition to treating a patient, provide expedited partner therapy to the partners of the patient if all of...
  • 453-53 Information Sheet.
    The department of health shall develop and, upon request, distribute to health professionals subject to this part an information sheet that includes all of...
  • 453-54 Limitation of Liability.
    A health professional who provides expedited partner therapy as authorized under section 453-52, a person licensed or otherwise authorized by law to practice medicine...

Cross References

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Primary health care incentive program, see 321-1.5.

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