Hawaii Revised Statutes 37-34 Appropriations Available for Allotment; Estimate of Expenses.

Attorney General Opinions

Executive branch could exercise its authority under this part to reduce allotments for fiscal year in progress. Att. Gen. Op. 03-2.

§37-34 Appropriations available for allotment; estimate of expenses. (a) No appropriation to which the allotment system is applicable shall become available to any department or establishment for expenditure during any allotment period until the department or establishment submits an estimate to the director of finance, at whatever time prior to the beginning of the allotment period and in whatever form as the director may prescribe, of the amount required to carry on the work of the department or establishment during that period and until the estimate is approved, increased, or decreased by the director and funds are allotted pursuant to section 37-35.

(b) Before appropriations for the University of Hawaii become available to the university, the university shall advise the governor and the director of finance of the amount necessary for payments for financing agreements under chapter 37D, the governor, with the assistance of the director of finance, as may be necessary, shall establish allotment ceilings for each source of funding of all of the appropriations of the University of Hawaii for each allotment period and shall advise the university of these determinations.

(c) Any other law to the contrary notwithstanding, general fund appropriations for the operating expenses of public health facilities shall be made available to the public health facilities for expenditure during any allotment period. [L Sp 1959 1st, c 12, pt of §3; Supp, §35-22; HRS §37-34; am L 1986, c 320, §1; am L 1988, c 326, §3; am L 1989, c 327, §1 and c 370, §2; am L 1994, c 281, §§4, 5; am L 1995, c 11, §21; am L 1998, c 41, §2]

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Last modified: October 27, 2016