Hawaii Revised Statutes 37-72 Supplemental Budget.


Pilot project for efficiency measures to be included with budget documents submitted to the legislature; report to 2017 legislature; auditor report (no later than March 1, 2017). L 2015, c 67.

§37-72 Supplemental budget. (a) Not fewer than thirty days before the legislature convenes in regular session in an even-numbered year, the governor may submit to the legislature a supplemental budget to amend any appropriation for the current fiscal biennium. The supplemental budget shall reflect the changes being proposed in the State's program and financial plan and shall be submitted as applicable, in the manner provided in section 37-71. In any supplemental budget that proposes appropriations for which the source of funding is general obligation bonds, the budget shall include the schedule, declaration, and computation specified in section 37-71(d)(6).

(b) In each regular session in an even-numbered year, the legislature may amend any appropriation act of the current fiscal biennium or prior fiscal periods. [L 1970, c 185, §11; ren L 1972, c 72, §3; am L Sp 1981 1st, c 3, §5; am L 1991, c 125, §4]

Attorney General Opinions

Details of current year's lapses need not be set forth in supplemental appropriations bill and budget. Att. Gen. Op. 83-4.

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Last modified: October 27, 2016