Illinois Compiled Statutes 110 ILCS 945 Higher Education Loan Act. Section 6.05

    (110 ILCS 945/6.05) (from Ch. 144, par. 1606.05)

    Sec. 6.05. Determination of qualified financings and establishment of financing programs. To establish criteria for and guidelines encompassing the types of and qualifications for Education Loan financing programs. In this regard, the Authority shall be empowered to issue Bonds for the purpose of making Authority Loans to institutions of higher education and education loan corporations participating in a program of the Authority for the express purpose of providing Education Loans. The criteria and guidelines established by the Authority for its Education Loan financing programs shall include such eligibility standards for Borrowers as the Authority shall determine are necessary or desirable in order to effectuate the purposes of the Act, including the following: (a) each student shall have a certificate of admission or enrollment at a specific institution of higher education, (b) each student or his or her parents shall satisfy such financial qualifications as the Authority shall establish to effectuate the purposes of the Act, (c) each student and his or her Parents shall submit such information as may be required by the Authority to his or her institution of higher education or to the education loan corporation providing an education loan to such student or parents.

    The Authority is authorized to contract with financial institutions and other qualified loan origination and servicing organizations, which shall assist in pre-qualifying Borrowers for Education Loans and which shall service and administer each Education Loan and each institution's and education loan corporation's respective loan series portfolio. Each Education Loan's fees shall include a portion, if necessary, to cover the applicable pro rata cost of such a servicing organization.

    The Authority is authorized to establish specific criteria governing the eligibility of institutions of higher education and education loan corporations to participate in its programs, the making of Authority Loans and Education Loans, provisions for default, the establishment of default reserve funds, the purchase of default insurance, the provision of prudent debt service reserves, and the furnishing by participating institutions of higher education and education loan corporations of such additional guarantees of the Education Loans, Authority Loans or the Bonds as the Authority shall determine, all of such criteria to be established to assure the marketability of the Bonds and the adequacy of the security for the Bonds.

    The Authority shall establish limitations upon the principal amounts and the terms of Education Loans, criteria regarding the qualifications and characteristics of Borrowers and procedures for allocating Authority Loans among institutions of higher education and education loan corporations eligible for its program in order to effectuate the purposes of the Act.

(Source: P.A. 85-1326.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015