Illinois Compiled Statutes 320 ILCS 55 Illinois Prescription Drug Discount Program Act. Section 45

    (320 ILCS 55/45)

    Sec. 45. Rules. The Department shall adopt rules to implement and administer the program, which shall include the following:

        (1) Execution of contracts with pharmacies to

    participate in the program. The contracts shall stipulate terms and conditions for the participation of authorized pharmacies and the rights of the State to terminate participation for breach of the contract or for violation of this Act or rules adopted by the Department under this Act.

        (2) Establishment of maximum limits on the size of

    prescriptions that are eligible for a discount under the program, up to a 90-day supply, except as may be necessary for utilization control reasons.

        (3) Inspection of appropriate records and audits of

    participating authorized pharmacies to ensure contract compliance and to determine any fraudulent transactions or practices under this Act.

        (4) Specify how a resident may apply to participate

    in the program.

        (5) Specify the circumstances under which the

    Director may require an administrator to modify its conduct of the program.

        (6) Specify the duration of a contract.

        (7) Require that an administrator permit any

    Illinois-licensed pharmacy willing to comply with the requirements of this Act and terms and conditions for participation in the program's network to participate in the program.

        (8) Permit an administrator to negotiate with one or

    more drug manufacturers for discounts in drug prices or rebates.

        (9) Permit an administrator to receive any rebate

    payments from drug manufacturers.

        (10) Permit an administrator to develop, administer,

    and promote a program of disease management pursuant to written agreements between the administrator and pharmacies participating under the program established by this Act.

        (11) Permit an administrator to collect the

    enrollment fee from applicants.

(Source: P.A. 93-18, eff. 7-1-03; 94-86, eff. 1-1-06.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015