Illinois Compiled Statutes 50 ILCS 350 Community Self-revitalization Act. Section 15

    (50 ILCS 350/15)

    Sec. 15. Certification; Board of Economic Advisors.

    (a) In order to receive the assistance as provided in this Act, a community shall first, by ordinance passed by its corporate authorities, request that the Department certify that it is an economically distressed community. The community must submit a certified copy of the ordinance to the Department. After review of the ordinance, if the Department determines that the community meets the requirements for certification, the Department may certify the community as an economically distressed community.

    (b) A community that is certified by the Department as an economically distressed community may appoint a Board of Economic Advisors to create and implement a revitalization plan for the community. The Board shall consist of 18 members of the community, appointed by the mayor or the presiding officer of the county or jointly by the presiding officers of each municipality and county that have joined to form a community for the purposes of this Act. Up to 18 Board members may be appointed from the following vital sectors:

        (1) A member representing households and families.

        (2) A member representing religious organizations.

        (3) A member representing educational institutions.

        (4) A member representing daycare centers, care

    centers for the handicapped, and care centers for the disadvantaged.

        (5) A member representing community based

    organizations such as neighborhood improvement associations.

        (6) A member representing federal and State

    employment service systems, skill training centers, and placement referrals.

        (7) A member representing Masonic organizations,

    fraternities, sororities, and social clubs.

        (8) A member representing hospitals, nursing homes,

    senior citizens, public health agencies, and funeral homes.

        (9) A member representing organized sports, parks,

    parties, and games of chance.

        (10) A member representing political parties, clubs,

    and affiliations, and election related matters concerning voter education and participation.

        (11) A member representing the cultural aspects of

    the community, including cultural events, lifestyles, languages, music, visual and performing arts, and literature.

        (12) A member representing police and fire protection

    agencies, prisons, weapons systems, and the military industrial complex.

        (13) A member representing local businesses.

        (14) A member representing the retail industry.

        (15) A member representing the service industry.

        (16) A member representing the industrial,

    production, and manufacturing sectors.

        (17) A member representing the advertising and

    marketing industry.

        (18) A member representing the technology services


    The Board shall meet initially within 30 days of its appointment, shall select one member as chairperson at its initial meeting, and shall thereafter meet at the call of the chairperson. Members of the Board shall serve without compensation.

    (c) One third of the initial appointees shall serve for 2 years, one third shall serve for 3 years, and one third shall serve for 4 years, as determined by lot. Subsequent appointees shall serve terms of 5 years.

    (d) The Board shall create a 3-year to 5-year revitalization plan for the community. The plan shall contain distinct, measurable objectives for revitalization. The objectives shall be used to guide ongoing implementation of the plan and to measure progress during the 3-year to 5-year period. The Board shall work in a dynamic manner defining goals for the community based on the strengths and weaknesses of the individual sectors of the community as presented by each member of the Board. The Board shall meet periodically and revise the plan in light of the input from each member of the Board concerning his or her respective sector of expertise. The process shall be a community driven revitalization process, with community-specific data determining the direction and scope of the revitalization.

(Source: P.A. 95-557, eff. 8-30-07.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015