Illinois Compiled Statutes 50 ILCS 350 Community Self-revitalization Act. Section 20

    (50 ILCS 350/20)

    Sec. 20. Action by the Board.

    (a) Organize. The Board shall first assess the needs and the resources of the community operating from the basic premise that the family unit is the primary unit of community and that the demand for goods and services from this residential sector is the main source of recovery and growth for the redevelopment of a community. The Board shall inventory community assets, including the condition of the family with respect to the role of the family as workers, consumers, and investors. The Board shall inventory the type and viability of businesses and industries currently in the community. In compiling the inventory, the Board shall rely on the input of each Board member with respect to his or her expertise in a given sector of the revitalization plan.

    (b) Revitalize. In implementing the revitalization plan, the Board shall focus on and build from existing resources in the community, growing existing businesses rather than luring business into the community from the outside. The Board shall also focus on the residents themselves rather than jobs. The Board shall promote investment in training residents in areas that will lead to employment and in turn will bring revenue into the community.

    (c) Mobilize. The Board shall engage in the dynamic process of community self-revitalization through a continuous reassessment of the needs of the community in the revitalization process. As each goal of the 3-year to 5-year plan is achieved, the Board shall draw from the resources of its members to establish new goals and implement new strategies employing the lessons learned in the earlier stages of revitalization.

    (d) Advise. The Board shall act as the liaison between the community and the local, county, and State Government. The Board shall make use of the resources of these governmental entities and shall provide counsel to each of these bodies with respect to economic development.

    The Board shall also act as a liaison between private business entities located in the community and the community itself. The Board shall offer advice and assistance to these entities when requested and provide incentives and support, both economic and otherwise, to facilitate expansion and further investment in the community by the businesses.

    The Board shall annually submit a report to the General Assembly and the Governor summarizing the accomplishments of the community concerning revitalization and the goals of the community for future revitalization.

(Source: P.A. 95-557, eff. 8-30-07.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015