Illinois Compiled Statutes 50 ILCS 750 Emergency Telephone System Act. Section 10

    (50 ILCS 750/10) (from Ch. 134, par. 40)

    Sec. 10. Technical and operational standards for the development of the local agency systems shall be established and reviewed by the Commission on or before December 31, 1979, after consultation with all agencies specified in Section 9.

    For the limited purpose of permitting a board, a qualified governmental entity, a group of boards, or a group of governmental entities to participate in a Regional Pilot Project to implement next generation 9-1-1, as defined in this Act, the Commission may forbear from applying any rule adopted under the Emergency Telephone Systems Act as it applies to conducting of the Regional Pilot Project to implement next generation 9-1-1, if the Commission determines, after notice and hearing, that:

        (1) enforcement of the rule is not necessary to

    ensure the development and improvement of emergency communication procedures and facilities in such a manner as to be able to quickly respond to any person requesting 9-1-1 service from police, fire, medical, rescue, and other emergency services;

        (2) enforcement of the rule or provision is not

    necessary for the protection of consumers; and

        (3) forbearance from applying the provisions or rules

    is consistent with the public interest.

    The Commission may exercise such forbearance with respect to one, and only one, Regional Pilot Project to implement next generation 9-1-1.

    If the Commission authorizes a Regional Pilot Project, then telecommunications carriers shall not be liable for any civil damages as a result of any act or omission, except willful or wanton misconduct, in connection with developing, adopting, operating, implementing, or delivering or receiving calls in connection with any plan or system authorized by this Section and Section 11 of this Act.

(Source: P.A. 96-1443, eff. 8-20-10.)

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