Illinois Compiled Statutes 50 ILCS 750 Emergency Telephone System Act. Section 14

    (50 ILCS 750/14) (from Ch. 134, par. 44)

    Sec. 14. The General Assembly declares that a major purpose in enacting this Act is to eliminate instances in which a responding emergency service refuses to render aid to the requester because the requester is outside of the jurisdictional boundaries of the emergency service. Therefore, in implementing systems under this Act, all public agencies in a single system shall enter into a joint powers agreement or any other form of written cooperative agreement which is applicable when need arises on a day-to-day basis. Certified notification of the continuation of such agreements shall be made among the involved parties on an annual basis. In addition, such agreements shall be entered into between public agencies and public safety agencies which are part of different systems but whose jurisdictional boundaries are contiguous. The agreements shall provide that, once an emergency unit is dispatched in response to a request through the system, such unit shall render its services to the requesting party without regard to whether the unit is operating outside its normal jurisdictional boundaries.

(Source: P.A. 86-101.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015