Illinois Compiled Statutes 65 ILCS 115 River Edge Redevelopment Zone Act. Section 10-10

    (65 ILCS 115/10-10)

    Sec. 10-10. Income tax deduction.

    (a) A business entity may receive a deduction against income subject to State taxes for a contribution to a designated zone organization if the project for which the contribution is made has been specifically approved by the designating municipality and by the Department.

    (b) Any designated zone organization seeking to have a project approved for contribution must submit an application to the Department describing the nature and benefit of the project and its potential contributors. The application must address how the following criteria will be met:

        (1) The project must contribute to the self-help

    efforts of the residents of the area involved.

        (2) The project must involve the residents of the

    area in planning and implementing the project.

        (3) The project must lack sufficient resources.

        (4) The designated zone organization must be fiscally

    responsible for the project.

    (c) The project must enhance the River Edge Redevelopment Zone in one of the following ways:

        (1) by creating permanent jobs;

        (2) by physically improving the housing stock;

        (3) by stimulating neighborhood business activity; or

        (4) by preventing crime.

    (d) If the designated zone organization demonstrates its ability to meet the criteria in subsection (b), and the project will enhance the neighborhood in one of the ways listed in subsection (c), the Department shall approve the organization's proposed project and specify the amount of contributions it is eligible to receive for such project. Comments from State elected officials and municipal officials of the units of local government in which all or part of the river edge redevelopment zone is located, or in which the project is proposed to be located, shall be solicited by the Department in making such decision.

    (e) Within 45 days of the receipt of an application, the Department shall give notice to the applicant as to whether the application has been approved or disapproved. If the Department disapproves the application, it shall specify the reasons for this decision and allow 60 days for the applicant to amend and resubmit its application. The Department shall provide assistance upon request to applicants. Resubmitted applications shall receive the Department's approval or disapproval within 30 days of resubmission. Those resubmitted applications satisfying initial Department objectives shall be approved unless reasonable circumstances warrant disapproval.

    (f) On an annual basis, the designated zone organization shall furnish a statement to the Department on the programmatic and financial status of any approved project and an audited financial statement of the project.

    (g) For any project which is approved and for which there is a specified amount of contributions which the designated zone organization may receive as provided in subsection (d) of this Section, the designated zone organization shall provide to the Department any information necessary to determine the eligibility of a contribution to the project for a deduction pursuant to subsection (b)(2)(N) of Section 203 of the Illinois Income Tax Act. The Department shall certify to the Department of Revenue the taxpayers eligible for and the amounts of contributions which those taxpayers may claim as a deduction pursuant to subsection (b)(2)(N) of Section 203 of the Illinois Income Tax Act. The total of all actual contributions approved by the Department for deductions pursuant to subsection (b)(2)(N) of Section 203 of the Illinois Income Tax Act shall not exceed $15,400,000 in any one calendar year.

(Source: P.A. 94-1021, eff. 7-12-06.)

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