Illinois Compiled Statutes 65 ILCS 115 River Edge Redevelopment Zone Act. Section 10-8

    (65 ILCS 115/10-8)

    Sec. 10-8. Zone Administration. The administration of a River Edge Redevelopment Zone shall be under the jurisdiction of the designating municipality. Each designating municipality shall, by ordinance, designate a Zone Administrator for the certified zones within its jurisdiction. A Zone Administrator must be an officer or employee of the municipality. The Zone Administrator shall be the liaison between the designating municipality, the Department, and any designated zone organizations within zones under his or her jurisdiction.

    A designating municipality may designate one or more organizations to be a designated zone organization, as defined under Section 10-3. The municipality, may, by ordinance, delegate functions within a River Edge Redevelopment Zone to one or more designated zone organizations in such zones.

    Subject to the necessary governmental authorizations, designated zone organizations may, in coordination with the municipality, provide or contract for provision of public services including, but not limited to:

        (1) crime-watch patrols within zone


        (2) volunteer day-care centers;

        (3) recreational activities for zone-area youth;

        (4) garbage collection;

        (5) street maintenance and improvements;

        (6) bridge maintenance and improvements;

        (7) maintenance and improvement of water and sewer


        (8) energy conservation projects;

        (9) health and clinic services;

        (10) drug abuse programs;

        (11) senior citizen assistance programs;

        (12) park maintenance;

        (13) rehabilitation, renovation, and operation and

     maintenance of low and moderate income housing; and

        (14) other types of public services as provided by

     law or regulation.

(Source: P.A. 94-1021, eff. 7-12-06.)

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