General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 111I Women’s, Infants and Children Program - Section 3 Director; duties; public hearing; notice

Section 3. The director of the WIC program, in this chapter called the director, shall ensure that a state plan is developed annually as required by federal law. In so doing, the director shall ensure that a public hearing is held not less than twenty-one days after a draft state plan is made available for review to members of the public and not less than thirty days before a final state plan must be submitted to the federal government. Notice of the time and place of said public hearing, and of the availability for review of the draft state plan, shall be provided to each person who has previously requested the receipt of such notices, as well as to individuals and organizations known to the department to have an interest in issues regarding maternal and child health care and child hunger. Notice to the above-described individuals and organizations shall be in addition to publication of such notices in newspapers of general circulation throughout the state.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015