General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 111I Women’s, Infants and Children Program - Section 4 Advisory board; membership; compensation

Section 4. An advisory board shall be established by the director, the purpose of which shall be to advise the director on all policies relating to the WIC program. The advisory board shall be composed of at least sixteen individuals each of whom shall serve a term of two years. Members of the advisory board shall be selected by the director, subject to the following requirements: four members of the advisory board shall be current or former WIC program participants chosen from geographically diverse parts of the state; six members of the advisory board shall be individuals who provide services or goods to WIC program participants, such as medical professionals, nurse practitioners, and food vendors; six members of the advisory board shall be representatives of the general court, the Massachusetts nutrition board or family health services advisory council, the department of early education and care, the department of public welfare, the WIC directors association, the nutritionists association and a non-profit hunger relief organization.

Members of the advisory board shall not be compensated. Necessary expenses incurred by members of the advisory board to carry out their duties as such shall be reimbursed by the WIC program, and adequate staff shall be provided to the advisory board so that it can perform its functions effectively.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015