General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 12C Center for Health Information and Analysis - Section 9 Reporting requirements for registered provider organizations

Section 9. (a) The center shall promulgate regulations to require that provider organizations registered under section 11 of chapter 6D report the data as it considers necessary in order to better protect the public’s interest in monitoring the financial conditions, organizational structure, business practices and market share of each registered provider organization. The center may assess administrative fees on provider organizations in an amount to help defray the center’s costs in complying with this section. The center may specify in regulations uniform reporting standards and reporting thresholds as it determines necessary.

(b) The center shall require registered provider organizations to report following information annually: (1) organizational charts showing the ownership, governance and operational structure of the provider organization, including any clinical affiliations and community advisory boards; (2) the number of affiliated health care professional full-time equivalents by license type, specialty, name and address of principal practice location and whether the professional is employed by the organization; (3) the name and address of licensed facilities by license number, license type and capacity in each major service category; (4) a comprehensive financial statement, including information on parent entities and corporate affiliates as applicable, and including details regarding annual costs, annual receipts, realized capital gains and losses, accumulated surplus and accumulated reserves; (5) information on stop-loss insurance and any non-fee-for-service payment arrangements; (6) information on clinical quality, care coordination and patient referral practices; (7) information regarding expenditures and funding sources for payroll, teaching, research, advertising, taxes or payments-in-lieu-of-taxes and other non-clinical functions; (8) information regarding charitable care and community benefit programs; (9) for any risk-bearing provider organization, certificate from the division of insurance under chapter 176U; and (10) such other information as the center considers appropriate as set forth in the center’s regulations; provided, however, that the center shall coordinate with the commission and the division of insurance to obtain information directly from the commission and the division of insurance where available. The center may, in consultation with the division of insurance and the commission, merge similar reporting requirements where appropriate.

(c) Annual reporting shall be in a form provided by the center. The center shall promulgate regulations that define criteria for waivers from certain annual reporting requirements of this section. Criteria for waivers may include operational size of the provider organization, the provider organization’s annual net patient service revenue, the degree of risk assumed by the provider organization, and other criteria as the center considers appropriate.

(d) Notwithstanding the annual reporting requirements of this section, the commission may require in writing, at any time, additional information reasonable and necessary to determine the financial condition, organizational structure, business practices or market share of a registered provider organization.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015