General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 12C Center for Health Information and Analysis - Section 13 Uniform provider licensure reporting system

Section 13. The center shall coordinate with the public health council and the boards of registration for health care providers to develop a uniform and interoperable electronic system of public reporting for providers as a condition of licensure. The uniform provider licensure reporting system shall include information designed for health resource planning and for analysis of market share by provider organization by primary service areas and dispersed service areas, including, but not limited to, reporting for each licensed provider its principal business locations; the categories of services provided; the provider organization with which the provider is affiliated for contracting purposes, or by which the provider is employed, if any; whether and to what extent the provider is practicing on license; and other factors as the center considers appropriate. The center may centralize the uniform provider licensure reporting system or create a central portal for public access to the uniform provider licensure information. The uniform provider licensure reporting system shall be accessible to other state agencies and authorities including, but not limited to, the commission, the executive office of health and human services, the department of public health and the office of Medicaid.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015