General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 12C Center for Health Information and Analysis - Section 19 Review and comment upon capital expenditure projects requiring determination of need under Sec. 25C of chapter 111

Section 19. The center shall review and comment upon all capital expenditure projects requiring a determination of need under section 25C of chapter 111, including, but not limited to, the availability and accessibility of services similar to those provided, or proposed to be provided, through the provider organization within its primary service areas and dispersed service areas; the provider organization’s impact on competing options for the delivery of health care services within its primary service areas and dispersed service areas; less costly or more effective alternative financing methods for the projects; the immediate and long-term financial feasibility of the projects; the probable impact of the project on costs of and charges for services; and the availability of funds for capital and operating needs. The center may transmit to the department of public health its written recommendations on each project. The center shall appear and comment on any application for a determination of need where a public hearing is required under said section 25C of said chapter 111.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015