General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 174B Regulation of Automobile Clubs - Section 10 Club agents; notice of employment or termination; applications, requisites; registration fee

Section 10. Every automobile club licensed by the commissioner shall, within thirty days of the date of employment of a club agent to sell memberships in the automobile club to the public, file with the commissioner a notice of such employment. Such notice shall have attached thereto an application completed by the club agent and verified by him and shall contain the name, address, age, sex and social security number of such club agent, and also contain proof satisfactory to the commissioner that such applicant is of good reputation and that he has received training from the club or is otherwise qualified in the field of automobile club service contracts, and the laws of this commonwealth pertaining thereto. Upon termination of any club agent’s employment by an automobile club, the automobile club shall within thirty days thereafter notify the commissioner of such termination. Notifications and applications shall be upon such forms as the commissioner may prescribe. The registration fee for club agents shall be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven and such registration shall be renewable on April first of each year unless sooner revoked or suspended.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015