General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 174B Regulation of Automobile Clubs - Section 7 Annual statement of financial condition; filing; requisites; failure to file, suspension or revocation of license

Section 7. An automobile club shall, with its application for original license, and annually before April first, file with the commissioner a true statement of its financial condition, transactions, and its affairs as of December thirty-first preceding. The statement shall contain such information as may be reasonably required by the commissioner, and shall be verified by the oaths of at least two of the automobile club’s principal officers and the statement of financial condition shall be certified by a registered or certified public accountant within the previous six months, as presenting fairly, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, the financial position of the automobile club. The commissioner may suspend or revoke the license of any automobile club failing to file its annual statement when due or during any extension of time which the commissioner for good cause may grant.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015